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That autograph costs how much?!

Sir Paul McCartney performs at Yankee Stadium. (July

Sir Paul McCartney performs at Yankee Stadium. (July 16, 2011) Photo Credit: Getty Images

You've got posters and movies, CDs and other memorabilia, but what you really want is an autograph. Unfortunately, unless you happen to be seated next to the object of your admiration at your favorite local cafe, odds are you won't be able to get one yourself. So what's a fan to do?

Lucky for you, autographs are available for purchase everywhere from online auction sites (are they really authentic?) to sporting goods stores and the like -- as long as you're willing to shell out a pretty penny. So, just how much will that John Hancock set you back? Let's take a look at what you can expect to pay for some of the most sought-after signatures today.

The most expensive autograph of any living celebrity belongs to former astronaut Neil Armstrong, who avoids public appearances like the plague and turns down all media interviews. The man whose foot was the first ever to touch the surface of the moon stopped signing autographs in 1994, which makes a score of this magnitude even more valuable. According to, his signature now fetches as much as $7,500.

Other profitable pen strokes include Paul McCartney, whose  autograph could set you back $2,400. Tiger Woods' will cost you $2,265, which is more than Queen Elizabeth's, which goes for $2,250. And J.K. Rowling's autograph is going for $1,875. Interestingly enough, Mick Jagger's signature can be had for a mere $750, according to the report.

I wonder what the going rate would be for a scribbling by a pop culture blogger...


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