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The Betty White/SNL thing ...

Ever hear the expression that things are so old they become new again.

That can be said for the 88-year-old Betty White who has become as popular as ever, especially with young users of Facebook.

Ever since her Snickers Super Bowl  commercial aired a few weeks ago, Betty White has become a fan favorite again. Some fans started a Facebook campaign to get “The Golden Girls” star to host Saturday Night Live. As of today, the group has over 383,000 fans.

Many media outlets have picked up on the story and even Betty White.

"I'm just amazed. I would think by now that they've had such an overdose of Betty White that they'd be throwing rocks instead. (It) would depend on scheduling and all that. But who knows? You can't ever say yes or no or never - you just wait to see what happens,” she told E! Online.

I don't even know where that came from," the 88-year-old "Golden Girls" star tells "That just came out of left field. It's ridiculous. I don't think (‘SNL' creator) Lorne Michaels even knows about it, so we won't worry about it."

It’s safe to assume Betty White has become a cult favorite and if there is one thing SNL does good, it picks up on trends and knows how to ride the hot streak. Can anyone say Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

The new season of SNL won’t start until September of 2010 and Betty White might be forgotten by then. If so, no big deal. But if fans are still demanding “Rose Nylund” to host, Lorne Michaels better ask White, who by the way said she would do it. Also, NBC could use some good PR after it’s Conan/Leno debacle and SNL is just not what is used to be.
If anyone is worried that White may not be able to pull off the sketch comedy show, you’re wrong. Just check out some of her later work in “Boston Legal” and her comical appearances on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

White also received the Screen Actors Guild Awards Lifetime Achievement in January for her over six decades in film and television.

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