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Stamos to join Beach Boys

John Stamos will join the Beach Boys at their appearance Friday at The Theatre at Westbury. Stamos has appeared as an occasional member of the Beach Boys touring band and was featured in the video for "Kokomo" playing the conga.

'Soup Nazi' stand reopens

The soup stand that inspired the Soup Nazi episode on "Seinfeld" reopened in midtown Manhattan Tuesday, six years after its famously brusque owner, Al Yeganeh, shut it down and licensed his recipes to a franchising company, The Associated Press reports. More than 100 people were waiting in line for the noon reopening, including a few regulars who remembered the days when Yeganeh ladled broth and imposed discipline from behind the counter. Much about the shop was the same as in the days before "Seinfeld" made the place famous, including its strict ordering rules, now posted in nine languages.

Fox's Beck has eye disorder

Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck says he's been diagnosed with an eye disease that could eventually blind him, AP reports. The conservative commentator told an audience attending his "American Revival" tour in Salt Lake City that a doctor told him he has the degenerative disease macular dystrophy.

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