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Renaissance rock band Blackmore's Night is back! Husband
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'The Buzz': LI's Candice Night talks new Blackmore’s Night album

Renaissance rock band Blackmore’s Night is back! Husband and wife duo Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night, are officially releasing their first new album in six years, "Nature’s Light." Long Island native Night joins "The Buzz" this week to discuss where the album has landed on the global charts, and what the new music is all about. She shares what it’s been like working with her husband — one of the founders of the seminal English heavy metal band Deep Purple — for more than 20 years, plus, what we can expect next out of the musically inclined couple. Could a possible concert be on the horizon in Night’s hometown of Hauppauge? The vocalist also talks about why the pair is so drawn to Renaissance-era music, and why she thinks other people are as well. "Nature’s Light" is out, and so is Candice Night’s episode of "The Buzz!" Credit: Newsday Studio / Marissa Sarbak