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You might know him as Theo Huxtable from
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'The Buzz': Catching up with 'Cosby Show' star Malcolm-Jamal Warner

You might know him as Theo Huxtable from "The Cosby Show," but Malcolm-Jamal Warner is all grown up now! The actor joins “The Buzz” this week to show off the set of his latest show, “The Resident” on FOX. The medical drama returns to the screen this week, with Warner’s character, Dr. AJ Austin, as one of the cardio thoracic surgeons back in the ER. Warner talks about filming, what other projects he is working on now, and what he has been doing with his family during the pandemic. Plus, the Grammy Award winner talks about whether he’ll be returning to New York for any performances once the state opens back up!  Credit: Newsday Studio / Marissa Sarbak