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One of the best-selling live albums of all
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The Buzz: Peter Frampton marks landmark album's anniversary

One of the best-selling live albums of all time, "Frampton Comes Alive" turned 45 earlier this year. To celebrate the anniversary, English rock musician Peter Frampton joins "The Buzz." Frampton shares what it was like to record part of that album at the Long Island Arena in Commack, and reflects back on that incredible time with his fans at the height of his career. In this extended interview, he also opens up about his health struggles, and how it felt to share those issues with fans in a recently released memoir. Frampton's latest album, "Frampton Forgets the Words," is also out now, and he discusses the possibilities for his final farewell tour that was supposed to hit the road in 2020. Don't miss the legendary Peter Frampton on Newsday's "The Buzz"  out now!  Credit: Newsday