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The fast and the hilarious? "Drive Angry 3D"

In a new overseas trailer for "Drive Angry 3D," Nicolas Cage plays a man who escapes from Hell to track down a killer. The film is due for release in the low-season month of February.

The film looks very "Grindhouse," though less Quentin Tarantino than Robert Rodriguez, with lots of shotgun-pumping and chicks in tight shorts. The selling points (aside from those) could be the enjoyably B-level cast, including William Fichtner (remember the bank manager at the beginning of "The Dark Knight?") and Billy Burke (the sad-sack Chief Swan from "Twilight," clearly having much more fun). Bombshell Amber Heard plays a bombshell.

But I already have a question, and it's the same one I had while watching "Spawn" back in 1997. How can your hero be a dead man who got sent to Hell? I mean, if he gets killed, so what? Anyway, here's the trailer:


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