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Take on 'The Green Hornet' trailer

I understand that Marvel Comics normally receive applause and reviews in their favor, but the new "The Green Hornet," set to release in theaters on January 14th, 2010, seems a little bit on the goofy side and somewhat over hyped. Converted into 3D, this superhero adventure film will be an adaption of the television character and comic book hero The Green Hornet. Directed by Michel Gondry, this could very well be the movie to see this winter.

After his father is murdered, party boy Britt Reid, played by Seth Rogen, teams up with Kato, his sidekick, played by Jay Chou, to pose as villains, to get close to the people who they think killed Reid's father. Dressed in a green suit, with the alias name of Green Hornet, Reid joins Kato dressed as masked villians, but undercover heros. Cameron Diaz (secretary Lenore Case) seems to have a small role, but perhaps it will turn into Gwenyth Paltrow's role in Iron Man.

As for the trailer, there's no doubt that it's well-made, but I'm afraid that the entire story might be given in the trailer. Like with most movies, this can be common in trailers nowadays. The action scenes look comic-like, just like in "300." Also, let's hope that the 3D effect doesn't ruin another movie because it made the transition post-production.

As for the acting, from what I take from the trailer, Seth Rogen might be too goofy to play this role. Can he ever be taken seriously? But perhaps, the movie is meant to be more comical, so it appeals to younger audiences. Rogen doesn't seem to have a variety of acting personalities, rather only comedic roles, so I would like to see the serious side of this guy for a change.

Besides all of that, it looks interesting. Buy your ticket and box of popcorn, and go ahead and enjoy this post-holiday flick. 

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