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The 'Lost' series finale live blog

"LOST" Series Finale Credit: ABC

It's the moment that many people have been looking forward to (or dreading) for the last six years. One of the most unique television series of the last decade is coming to an end. It's been a crazy 6 seaons, with plenty of ups and downs, bickering among hardcores and wild theories about what the writers of the show were really trying to say. Is the Island hell? Or is it Oz from the 'Wizard of Oz'? Is the finale of the show going to come down to a battle of good and evil between Jack, Jacob and the Smoke Monster/Man In Black?  Will the Oceanic survivors have the choice of which reality they chose to live in? We'll see, I'm just as excited/sad as everyone else. Check back here during commercial breaks when I'll recap what just happened. Namaste, everyone.

Previously on LOST....

Well, lots of filler at the beginning. Or as one of my friends so wisely stated to me on IM "this is the crap they put in when ABC asked for 30 more minutes of show last week." Christian Shepard's body is returned to LA. The convicts on the run are all with Desmond and Hurley in the flash sideways. Back on the Island, Jack (who has drank the water and become new Jacob) tells Hurley, Kate and Sawyer that they need to go to the light, or the heart of the Island, to protect it, as Locke/Old Smokey/MIB has every intention of putting it out.

Flash-sideways Hurley has clearly remembered what happened on the Island after his kiss with Libby on their "date." JUNKIE CHARLIE IS BACK!! Hurley shoots him with a traquilizer gun in order to drag strung out but not dead Charlie, to Driveshaft's concert. It's a bit amazing that a normal amount of traquilzer could take down someone who swallows straight heroin. "I'm sorry I left out the part about the Island being on the bottom of the ocean." LOL LOCKE.

Now we see the return of Rose and Bernard, who have come to Desmond's rescue.. But most importantly, VINCENT!!! The dog that was always a sign of evil things to come..and with that..Old Smokey/Locke/ and Baffled Ben show up. Locke threatens to slash more throats. But really that was only cool when he destroyed the Tina Fey lookalike Charles Widmore lackey Zoe.

Richard Alpert: Not dead, despite being tossed into the jungle by Old Smokey like a bag of garbage at CitiField.

Flash sideways: ZOMG Juliet!!!!!! And during her ultrasound with Juliet as her doctor, Sun remembers their time on the Island. One by one it seems the Oceanic Six are starting to recall their time on the Island. Baby girl for Sun and Jin. Duh.

Blah blah blah everyone's going to the heart of the Island so it "ends." Flash sideways: Locke is going in for spine surgery under the hand of Jack Shepard. "See you on the other side," says Jack. Heh. Richard Alpert is aging. It will end indeed.

Frank Lapidus=Not Dead. Yawn.

Jack and Locke have some sort of dialogue involving Old Smokey dying at the hands of Jack. But its a surprise. I would like some chocolate milk. Snack break.

Jack's baby mamma is Juliet. 

Desmond, Smokey and Jack locate the light, or the heart of the island (not to be confused with the Heart of the Ocean) The light is not as impressive during the day. Desmond and Jack talk, and it appears that Desmond is the link between the flash sideways and the Island. Desmond, Jack, and Old Smokey all head into the light. Commercial. Still waiting for something really to happen.

UNRELATED: First Alert has just won commercial of the night with its use of the Smoke Monster. Terrific work.

And I can tell right now it's the return of crushed by an airplane Boone and shot by Anna Lucia Shannon. Alright..they're starting to get me now. Sayid, who'd been watching as Shannon tried to protect her brother, looks into Shannon's eyes and remembers the time on the Island. The Oceanic Six are finding their constants...and remembering what happened on the Island.

I heart Crazy Hair Claire. Didn't care for her much when she was always perfectly groomed and gorgeous despite living, oh, on a freakin' deserted island. But I did the wild hair and crazy eyes thing she has going on now. Though I guess Locke is not her friend anymore based on the rapid firing of gunshots into the sand around Halpert, Miles and Ben. Locke, Desmond and Jack repelling into the light. Locke draws parallels with the hatch. Except he's absolutely wrong.

 Back from commercial. Charlie passed out with the note. Faraday and Charlotte meet. Two more constants. Noticing a trend here? Now Charlie and Claire....much more of this and I'm going to blubbering like a baby before too long..Desmond breaks the Island...and now Jack and Smokey are fighting ala Jacob and MIB from a few episodes back. Where's crazy Island Mom and her rocks of death? Ok I'm intersted now.

Flash sideways. Drive Shaft concert featuring Daniel Faraday (Widmore) Claire goes into labor (again). Kate attends to her. Anyone remember who delivered Aaron the 1st time right? If you guessed Kate, YOU ARE CORRECT. Random observation: It appears Kate wears less makeup off the Island than she does on. And with watching Claire give birth...Kate remembers the Island. Aaron is her Constant? Also, I have no intention of ever seeing afterbirth in my whole life, could TV stop using it altogether please? Charlie and Claire. More constants. My eyes are starting to burn. When we see Penny and Desmond, I am going to lose it.

Flash back to the Island. The light is out. The Island is shaking. It is raining and Ben has been crushed by a tree. Locke vs. Jack. The revenge. Commercial. EFFFFFFFF

Locke and Jack.  USE THE ROCK JACK. Though I'm confused here, isn't Locke/Smokey Unkillable? Locke stabs Jack. Locke gets shot? Hasn't he been shot before? Ah there he goes...D-E-D .

Flash sideways. Locke out of surgery. Can move toes. And he remembers the Island...and looks at Jack...and the both of them remember the Island. So Locke's toes or Jack are Locke's constant. This is not clear.

I am confused.

ADDENDUM: Per my bff Jorge, he says that now that the light is out on the Island, all those who were formerly unkillable (Locke, Jack, Richard Alpert, maybe Ben) are now killable because the Island is no longer protecting them. We'll see. Also, Jack's constant is dead. As is Hurley's in Libby and Ben's  and (I'm guessing) Alex. Maybe that's why they choose to stay?

Showing your cards Lost...Sawyer is seen at the hospital talking to Jin and Sun. Now, how long until he runs into his constant, Juliet?

The Island is still breaking. Sawyer and Kate jump off the cliff. Flash sideways. Sawyer busting on machine. Here comes Juliet.

10:45 p.m.: The tears start flowing in the Nielsen household. Proud of myself for making it this long. Hearing "You got it blondie" never gets old.

Ok this is it. Rushing to the plane on the broken Island. Jack thinks he can fix it, but like Desmond, he'll die doing it. Jack passes on the Jacobness to Hurley. Via a water bottle from Oceanic 815.

Jack fixes the Island. Desmond is not dead. The plane takes off containing Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Richard, Miles and The Pilot.

 Well, we have our OH S**T moment. Christian Shepard appears to Jack at the church containing the rest of the Oceanic passengers, who are now believers.

Well, I don't feel its right to ruin the ending here. But it's pretty emotional, as I'm kind of a giant snot-ladden mess right now. If you're not watching along with me, watch it. Or if you come across this tomorrow, go to Hulu, and watch it. I know some hardcores are groaning, but I couldn't pick a more perfect, but so freakin emotional ending. The entire show was a story about faith, and how sometimes you have to believe in something that you can't see. Anyway, I'm going to check out. Please watch the ending. The writers of Lost are far better at explaining it than I am. Till we meet in another life, brothah...

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