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The real 'Fighter'

If you've seen "The Fighter," you may remember that the crack-addicted former boxer Dicky Eklund, played by a now Oscar-nominated Christian Bale, spends part of the film bragging that he's the subject of an HBO documentary. Though he tells his family and friends it's about his boxing comeback, it turns out to be called "High on Crack Street."

The movie, just like Dicky himself, is real. It aired in 1995 on HBO. The company that coproduced it, Manhattan-based DCTV, is now allowing it to be streamed at SnagFilms, a website that offers a library of some 2,000 documentaries available for free viewing.

If you were wondering how the real Dicky looked, talked and acted -- and how well Bale captured him -- here's your answer.

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