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The 'Scarface' School Play

Two ways to cope with the most outrageous video clip uploaded to YouTube in at least three years.

We're talking, of course, about the "Scarface School Play." And even though we're writing this on April 1, this is NOT an April Fool's joke. (These are, though.) Of course, there's no way you can truly believe it was really a school production. Right? Right. Still, it's quite outrageous. (And thank you, director Marc Klasfeld for doing this!)

First, try to get your head around the idea that young students toss around the elementary school version of the F-bomb ("Fudge"), use fake guns (one of which looks extremely real) and pose and drug-dealing murderers and street gangsters.

Who knows what the world has come to these days, but one thing is clear: The world, and everything in it, belongs to Tony Montana. It's not enough to be on T-shirts in every mall kiosk and city street corner, or referenced and quoted in nearly every rap song. No, Scarface is now in schools. In the brains of the youth of America. Oh sweet Jesus.

Which brings us to our second way to watch the Scarface School Play: Analyze its hilarity. The pile of popcorn on the desk instead of yayo. The assistance from a teacher to the mercenary who delivers the final kill shot to Scarface. The kiddie pool. Oh, it's just so good!

Watch and enjoy.

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