You're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz, only now you can follow Google Maps instead of the Yellow Brick Road.

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And instead of the Emerald City, your destination is the newly renovated Gershwin Theater, home of the long-running musical "Wicked" and the site of a Google virtual tour. While Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers, you can just type in your browser and click your mouse, where you'll then be taken to a Google maps page for a 360- degree tour of the Gershwin. Just click on the lobby image on the screen and begin exploring all four levels of the theater as well as the interior by following the white arrows that pop up. Check out the souvenir stand as well as the stage and theater memorabilia on the walls. Click on the north, south, east and west arrows in the upper-left-hand corner and you can rotate the screen. Along the way, you'll meet more than 15 characters from the show, including Elphaba, Glinda, the Wizard and the flying monkeys -- but not Toto.

Oh, Auntie Em, there's no place like the Gershwin.