We went to see "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical," and it is an amazing show. It is very interesting and is appropriate for all ages. There was this really tiny actress (Abigail Shapiro) who is just 4 years old. She sang a whole solo by herself. She played Cindy-Lou Who. She was the one who convinced the Grinch to give the presents back with a song.

The Grinch was dressed up in face paint and his costume was all fuzzy and looked like a swamp monster. The singing was really spectacular! They picked great music, and they had a real live orchestra. The holiday lights were very beautiful. If you want to watch a Christmas show, we recommend this show and musical to you because it has a really great theme and story.

We liked the sing-along during the show; we loved the snow bubbles coming down from the ceiling.

Right before the show began, we met with the Grinch (played by Jeff McCarthy). We went backstage to his dressing room, and as we walked in to meet him, he just jumped out at us. It was so scary but so exciting, too!

We nervously sat with him and asked him questions about being a Grinch.

We wanted to know why he wanted to steal Christmas. Grinch said, "Because of those little Whos down there. They got it all. They got family, they got love, they got big happy meals. I'm sick of them. I'm lonely up on the mountain."

We wanted to know if he felt even a little ashamed that he was trying to steal Christmas. He growled, "Ashamed? No . . . wouldn't you like to steal Christmas if you had a chance?"

We know that Whoville is a special place but we wanted to know if the people in Who-ville are always so happy in singing. "He said, 'Yes, always. It's obnoxious, isn't it?' "

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Finally, we wanted to know if it was fun to play the bad guy. Grinch replied, "I'm the good guy! Do you think I'm kidding? Are you guys watching the show today? You'll find out I'm a good guy."

We shared a lot of (nervous) laughs with Grinch, and it was fun to hear his side of the story. The show runs through Dec. 30 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

For information go to theateratmsg.com.