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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 on the Bethpage Black


RATING: E for Everyone

This week, you can get onto the Bethpage Black -- and play against Tiger Woods.

It's all thanks to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, just out for the Wii (and other platforms) in time for the U.S. Open . Now in its 11th iteration, the game features Long Island's famous course and site of the current championship, which a virtual announcer in the game dubs "arguably the most prestigious public golf course in the country."

There's also "more Tiger presence" in this version, as the press kit hypes. Some of the best of it features video of Woods talking about what it's like to play Bethpage, this during the game's "Tournament Challenge" portion. In it, you get to play real pressure-packed PGA scenarios, complete with your control vibrating to the sound of your character's heartbeat. Of course, you get to do it with the skills of PGA Tour players who can drive it straight and 300 yards.

Learning the controls can be a bit frustrating at first for Wii novices, but soon enough even a 5-year-old was able to make a hole-in-one on a 200-yard hole. The graphics - the courses, in particular - are beautiful and realistic. And the game has some great interactive features. You can build your own character with facial structure, clothing, etc.

But when you play as Woods, watching the golf legend wince at a bogey and punch the air at a birdie is endlessly entertaining, as are crowd reactions, changing weather patterns and the sounds of planes flying overhead. PLOT Hit the U.S. Open links

DETAILS Wii ($59.99 with the Wii Motion Plus unit; $49.99 without). Also available for X360/PS3 ($59.99), PS2 ($29.99) and PSP ($39.99). Tiger Woods Online will be available in the fall.

BOTTOM LINE Play like (or against) Tiger Woods


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