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Top 5 Thursday: Silly TV commercials

Buckle up and hold on tight, it's Top 5 Thursday time! If that line wasn't silly enough, here are my picks for funny (and silly) TV commercials.

Shake Weight: OK, can we all just admit that this looks inappropriate AND funny at the same time? I refuse to believe this device can build up muscle or make anyone as ripped as the guys in this clip. Makes a good gag gift!


ShoeDini: It's a shoehorn on a stick! I caught this crazy commercial on TV a few weeks ago, and I still can't believe it. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried narrates this commercial and exclaims "putting shoes on is a back-breaking chore!" Really Gilbert?! Really? If you need a stick to do anything, there's definitely a problem!

Blu blockers: Join me on a trip down memory lane for this classic Blu Blocker sunglasses commercial. Stay tuned for the hilarious rap about these magical glasses. "Oh yeah I gotta get me some!" What's with the mariachi hat?

Old Spice Guy: You've likely seen this funny commercial during the Super Bowl, but it's worth watching again. And to the guys who like to shower with fruity scents, let this be a lesson to all of you. My favorite line: "I'm on a horse!"

Nolan's Cheddar: It's the ultimate story of victory, the agony of defeat and finally, a surprise at the end. Make sure your speakers are on to appreciate this commercial. Get ready to LOL. And no worries about our furry little friend ... there is a happy ending!

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