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Top pop-culture anniversaries to arrive in 2010

As we enter a new decade, it's time to take our annual look back at the notable pop-culture anniversaries we'll be observing this year. If you feel old, don't say we didn't warn you.



June 16. "Psycho" - To this day, there still may be some folks who have never showered again after seeing Alfred Hitchcock's thriller.

Sept. 19. "The Twist" - Eighteen-year-old Philly chicken plucker Ernest Evans (aka Chubby Checker) hits No. 1 as a dance craze sweeps America.

Sept. 26. First Nixon-Kennedy debate - TV's crucial role in politics is made perfectly clear.

Sept. 30. "The Flintstones" - The modern Stone Age family premieres, offering a prime-time cartoon that both kids and grown-ups could enjoy. Yabba dabba doo!



April 2. "Patton" - The movie that reportedly was Richard Nixon's favorite featured George C. Scott's Oscar-winning portrayal of the blood-and-guts general.

Sept. 18. Jimi Hendrix's death and Oct. 3. Janis Joplin's death - In just 15 days, drug overdoses take two of rock's most dynamic performers.

Sept. 21. "NFL Monday Night Football" debuts - In the first game, Joe Namath and the Jets played the Browns in Cleveland. The Jets lost. Sigh.

Dec. 31. The Beatles break up - The long and winding road reaches its inevitable end as Paul McCartney files a lawsuit against the other three members asking that the band be legally dissolved. PHOTOS: Beatles through the years.



June 1. CNN launches - All TV news all the time? That concept will never work.

July 25. "Caddyshack" - Who knew the country-club farce would become a cult classic?

Nov. 21. The resolution of the "Who Shot JR?" episode on "Dallas" - The biggest TV audience to date tunes in to see whodunit (it was Kristin).

Dec. 8. John Lennon murdered - "Fan" Mark Chapman guns down the former Beatle outside his Central Park West residence.



Feb. 15. "The Breakfast Club" - John Hughes' movie showcases the Brat Pack at its height.

May 22. "Rambo First Blood, Part 2" - Sylvester Stallone gets gung-ho as he re-fights the Vietnam War.

July 13. Live-Aid - Two massive concerts (in London and Philadelphia), televised worldwide, raise millions for African famine relief.

Oct. 2. Rock Hudson's death - The handsome leading man becomes the first major personality to die from AIDS.



April 8. "Twin Peaks" - David Lynch's surreal TV series stretched the boundaries of prime-time drama before it fizzled out.

May 31. "Seinfeld" - Almost a year after its pilot aired, the show about nothing gets a regular slot on the NBC sked. PHOTOS: Scenes from "Seinfeld"

June 12. Mariah Carey debuts - The Harborfield grad's self-titled album is released, yielding four No. 1 singles and spending 11 weeks at the top of the album charts. PHOTOS: Mariah Carey on the red carpet and in concert.

Nov. 16 "Home Alone" - Macaulay Culkin will turn 30 this year, but in our mind he's always going to be 8-year-old burglar-basher Kevin McAllister.



March 21. *N Sync breaks out - Justin Timberlake and his boys set the one-week Nielsen SoundScan sales high of 2.4 million with their album "No Strings Attached." It sells 1 million the first day, 9 million by year's end. PHOTOS: The many faces of Justin Timberlake

May 16. Oops . . . I Did It Again - Britney Spears' second album turns the 19-year-old ex-Mouseketeer into a pop icon. PHOTOS: Britney Spears through the years.

May 31. "Survivor" - The reality era begins on network TV and is still going strong despite "Joe Millionaire" and "Who's Your Daddy?"

Oct. 6. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" - Gil Grissom and Co. crack their first case as TV's most successful franchise begins.

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