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Top Television stories of 2009

No. 9: "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Seinfeld reunion
We went back to the 90s and it was oh-so-great to see Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer again. Even if it was hard to square Kramer with the memory of a certain nightclub performance...
>>Photos: Scenes from Seinfeld

No. 8: Jason Mesnick dumps Melissa Rycroft
A reality TV moment for the ages. Mel gets even, though - he's suddenly a world-infamous heel and she goes on to nearly win "Dancing with the Stars."
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No. 7: Finale di tutti finales...
There were so many great season finales that I must list them all..."Breaking Bad," "The Office," "Battlestar Gallactica," "Lost," "Grey's Anatomy," "Mad Men," and of course, fifteen glorious years of "ER," over.
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No. 6: Jon and Kate Oh you two! First, the happiest couple in the world, then the most litigious couple in the world. She accuses him of Tiger Woods-like dalliances and the war of the Gosselins begins. The show, alas, is finally canceled.
>>Photos: Jon and Kate Plus 8

No. 5: Michael Jackson memorial
What a spectacle, and the final seconds, with the family comforting a little girl named Paris, was one of those indelible pictures for a TV age.
>>Photos: Michael Jackson's funeral

No. 4: Susan Boyle dreamed a dream
How did this happen? A British unknown upstages even the winner of "American Idol" (who was . . . who was . . .), becomes one of the most YouTubed stars in YouTube history, and gathers even greater fame and renown to the entirely immodest Simon Cowell.
Photos: Susan Boyle

No. 3: Jay Leno takes over 10 p.m.
Maybe this will be the future of TV or maybe it'll be the past when/if Comcast pulls the plug. But an amazing TV development nonetheless and even upstaged the fact that - oh! almost forgot - the fifth host in "Tonight" history was crowned, Conan O.
>>Photos: Jay Leno on air

No. 2: Obama's inauguration
The nation's first African American president, and a day filled with so many TV visuals - for some reason, one of the most memorable for me was Al Roker yelling out to the passing prez about the weather; surreal! - that you could list a dozen, at least. Beyonce serenading the First Couple? That was good.
>>Photos: President Barack Obama

No. 1: The Year of Dave
Yes, Letterman, the second greatest late night host in history had the year of years, topping all of TV. Not only did his become the top-rated late night destination, but . . . he endured a sleepwalking and talking Joaquin Phoenix...fought with/ then apologized to Sarah Palin over unfunny jokes about her daughter and A-Rod . . . and finally, confessed on national TV to multiple affairs with staffers AND, by the way, he had just talked to a grand jury about an extortion attempt. Way to go, Dave!
>>Photos: David Letterman's sex scandal



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