Ladies and gents, your first installment of Bobby Bones' "Tunes Tuesday." 

A little background, this won't necessarily be a weekly new music spot - while the jams may or may not be hot off the shelves, I'll be blogging primarily about music that hasn't made it's way to the terrestrial airwaves yet ... in other words, music you can groove to and not get sick of in a New York minute. It could include new releases, and it could include a 1960s beat that hasn't got the credit it deserves.

Suggestions for a song? Tweet me, or comment below.

Anyway, without further ado, I'll kick the Pet Rock playlist off with a song by One EskimO; "Kandi." A little background on the band; they are a four-piece from London, and their listed genre on Wikipedia is indie - basically, if you're into alternative rock that's on the softer side, and have an affinity for great lyricists, this song is for you. Kristian Leontiou's got some great vocals, and Pete Rinaldi's guitar in the song is incredibly soothing. But the driving factor behind the song? A sample from Candi Staton's "He Called Me Baby."

Best time to listen? When you are in a mellow mood. So if you just got back from a long day in the office, and you are looking for a tune that is just going to help you chill out, turn on the speakers and indulge!

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