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Tunes Tuesday: Get used to The Black Ghosts

Mark La Monica went "old school" today, so we'll kick it new school. This week's must-listen-to song is Repetition Kills You, by The Black Ghosts.

Now for all you Twi-hards out there - present company not included - you may have gotten your first taste of the two-piece electro band during the first Twilight movie. TBG (no, that's not a recognized acronym, but we'll roll with it for the next few paragraphs) had the best jam on the movie's soundtrack - "Full Moon." 

You may be asking yourself, how did Bobby Bones discover The Black Ghosts if he doesn't love Jacob and/or Edward? Well, haters, it was suggested to me by iTunes' "Genius" program.

(As a sidebar, if you clicked out of the "Genius" feature on iTunes when you first downloaded the latest software, I'd recommend giving it a shot. Even for yours truly, who has a very wide array of music on their iTunes, I still find suggestions all the time that I end up dropping the $1.29 on. And yes, I buy music from Apple.)

Anyway, back to TBG. Theo Keating and Simon William Lord are the two dudes that comprise the band - you'll see them at the beginning of the music video below. Repetition Kills You is the "single" - and I use quotes because across the United States, the joint still hasn't hit terrestrial airwaves yet - off of their EP, "Anyway You Choose to Give It." Now, the one caveat about this track is that Damon Albarn is on vocals. However, I can still guarantee you that if you enjoy this song, you'll love everything off the record.

Additionally, we'll start a "fresh" scale this week based on how many views the video has scored on YouTube. No, I haven't devised a scientific system to make a ruling on a song's freshness. Still, this will give you an idea of how underground each jam is.

YouTube views (most-viewed video): 223,088
Fresh rating: Moderately fresh

Oh, and excuse the shirtless dude. NOT my choice for the thumbnail.


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