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Tunes Tuesday: Old school with the Stones

Okay, not much The Rolling Stones did can be considered a deep track. And for the most part, if you're a Stones fan, you probably know every one of their jams start to end.

Still, this week's tune is worth re-discovering if you love Keith Richards and Co., or discovering for the first time if you have an appreciation for the new-age electrically-driven alternative rock sound (see: MGMT).

The title? "Emotional Rescue." The year? 1980. The hook? Unique, but addicting.

It's no secret that Mick Jagger has an unbridled appreciation for the use of his falsetto. "Emotional Rescue" may be the defining track for his range, though. Just about the entire song is done in the upper end of Jagger's range. And while you might be thinking that sound gets old after a while, I can promise you you're wrong.

The first time I heard "Emotional Rescue" was about a year ago. A co-worker of mine heard me listening to "Electric Feel" by MGMT, and told me he heard some parallels between the Brooklyn-based duo and a Stones song. I doubted him, but gave him a shot, and then realized that I had found what is undoubtedly one of the defining influences for new alt rock.

So get ready for a trippy, saxophone-driven song, with an equally trippy video: "Emotional Rescue," by The Rolling Stones.

(By the way, this is just one version of the video. There was also a version released that was thermo-vision from start to end. If you want to watch it, click here, but as a warning, the entire video has strobe effects, so be careful)

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