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TV on DVD: 'The Killing,' 'Breakout Kings,' more

"Breakout Kings"

"THE KILLING" If ever a spoiler was mandatory, this is it: Season 1 does not answer this dark mystery's watchword question "Who killed Rosie Larsen?" Season 2 starts on AMC April 1, with Michelle Forbes, Billy Campbell and Mireille Enos.

Extras Extended season finale, making-of featurette, key episode commentaries, more

List price $40 DVD/$50 Blu-ray Disc, out today from Fox

Also out

"BREAKOUT KINGS" "Prison Break" creators bring back T-Bag as federal marshals use convicts to catch fugitives (A&E now airing season 2); $40, Fox.

"NEVERLAND" Syfy's Peter Pan miniseries enjoys the juice of baddies Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel and Bob Hoskins; $20 DVD/$30 Blu-ray, Vivendi

New animation

"THE LORAX" TV's 1972 half-hour original, with other Dr. Seuss stories; $20 DVD/$25 DVD-Blu-ray combo, Warner

"TRANSFORMERS PRIME" Fans are going gaga over The Hub series' season 1 (Blu-ray includes a 96-page graphic novel); $30 DVD/$65 Blu-ray, Shout.

"PAC-MAN" Hanna-Barbera's Saturday morning '80s fave; $25, online from

"TENNESSEE TUXEDO: COMPLETE COLLECTION" Don Adams' cartoon conniver and other characters (King and Odie, etc.); $50, Shout

"UNDERDOG: COMPLETE SERIES" Finally, all the Wally Cox cartoons together, plus more characters (Go-Go Gophers, etc.); $70, Shout

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