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28M tune in to 'Two and a Half Men'

Pictured from left: Angus T. Jones, Ashton Kutcher

Pictured from left: Angus T. Jones, Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer star in "Two and a Half Men" on the CBS Television Network. Photo Credit: CBS

"Two and a Half Men" absolutely blasted off the barn doors last night for Ashton Kutcher's reboot . . . 28 million viewers.

Let me repeat that: 28 million viewers.

That is not only astounding but beyond -- I think I could confidently bet -- CBS's own internal projections. There hasn't been a 28 million-strong audience for a scripted show in years. Those kinds of numbers even rarely go to major reality ones, like "American Idol" finales. This was an all-time high for the show and means that many millions tuned in who had never seen this thing and were obviously pumped to see what all the fuss was about. And as NY mag's TV Mojo points out, this is the biggest scripted audience since the 2004 "Friends'" finale. Post-Super Bowl numbers don't count. (Nor should they.)  

I wonder what they are thinking right about now? ("Hey, Mabel, did I really just hear a fart joke? What's a 'silent one' mean?")


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