With Super Bowl LI taking place Sunday in Houston, here’s a look at five TV shows that have been set in that Texas city (or thereabouts):

JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE (ABC, 1967-69) Carl Betz (“The Donna Reed Show”) starred in this legal drama as Clinton Judd, a flamboyant, Houston-based lawyer reportedly based on controversial attorneys F. Lee Bailey and Percy Foreman.

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CUTTER TO HOUSTON (CBS, 1983) This obscure medical drama starring Shelley Hack and Alec Baldwin was actually set in a rural hospital 60 miles from Houston. But the doctors were in constant communication with a big medical center in Houston to help solve problems that were too complex for their small facility to handle.

HOUSTON KNIGHTS (CBS, 1987-88) Cop drama focused on two very different Houston PD partners: former Chicago cop Joey LaFiamma (Michael Paré), who is transferred to Houston after he kills a mobster and has a contract put out on him, and Levon Lundy (Michael Beck), the laid-back grandson of a Texas Ranger.

REBA (WB/CW, 2001-07) Country singer Reba McEntire starred in the most successful show set in Houston. She played Reba Hart, a single mother (and grandmother) dealing with a host of problems.

BROTHERS (Fox, 2009) In this sitcom, Michael Strahan played a former NFL player living large in Manhattan who has to reluctantly return home to Houston to help his estranged brother (Daryl “Chill” Mitchell), who had been paralyzed in a car accident.