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5 TV ‘Wolfs’ to honor the end of MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

Radio disc jockey Wolfman Jack also did TV

Radio disc jockey Wolfman Jack also did TV work. Photo Credit: AP / Richard Drew

MTV’s “Teen Wolf” begins its final season Sunday, July 30. Here are five other “Wolfs” we’ve seen on TV over the years:

1. WOLF Brentwood’s Jack Scalia starred in this 1989-90 series as Tony Wolf, a former San Francisco cop-turned-private eye (he was kicked off the force after being framed on a drug charge).

2. WOLF CNN’s daily 1-2 p.m. news program anchored by Wolf Blitzer.

3. WOLF LAKE Lou Diamond Phillips starred in this short-lived 2001-02 supernatural drama that took place in a suburban Washington State town where many of its residents were werewolves.

4. WOLFMAN JACK Gravelly-voiced disc jockey whose TV work included announcing for and occasionally hosting the 1970s late-night music program “The Midnight Special.”

5. WARNER WOLF Excitable New York sportscasting legend known for such catchphrases as “Let’s go to the videotape!” and “Mr. G [weather forecaster Irv Gikofsky] was at the game!”

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