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Aaron Kelly goes David Archuleta on 'American Idol'

Aaron Kelly is fighting laryngitis and tonsillitis, and admits he has a "little" crush on Miley Cyrus. Singing "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," she really likes his voice in rehearsal, he asks if he can give her a hug, is just beaming; it's hilarious.

Audience is whooping as he comes out, in like a jacket and jeans. Man, his sweet voice is unspooling out on this song, he's intense, and it doesn't really seem like he's sick.

Great song choice, just takes over on the chorus; you kindof feel like this kid could go on tour. Really impressive; forget Tim Urban, this kid has got the tween girls' vote, they're all screaming as he's singing.

Randy is laughing, says some pitchy things but... "thank God you came on the stage," best of the night by far. Ellen says perfect choice, usually pitch perfect, "and you're what, like in third grade or something."

Kara loved the song choice too, wants more stage presence. Simon calls it brave, "you're a little trier, aren't you," just don't make yourself old-fashioned.

Simon then tries to get him to go into the audience and hug his crush again. It's super-cute, Miley's looking embarassed, then Ryan goes, "if you wanna vote for David Archuleta here...."

Ha, that's exactly right!

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