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Aaron Kelly goes on too long and gets lost on 'American Idol'

Aaron Kelly kicks things off with "Long and Winding Road" as "American Idol" sings the songs of Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

The other contestants say they turn everything he says into a Yoda-ism; it's awesome hearing them talk about each other, I love this new reality tv aspect of the show.

Not so sure about this pick; out there in an oversized jacket, skinny jeans; voice seems a bit off. Would've liked to have heard something more bright -- like David Archuleta doing "Imagine," this one just seems a bit cheesy.

Randy thought it was a bit slow and lay flat; Ellen didn't love it either, went on forever. Kara says it just didn't come together, same performance every week now. Simon asks him why he chose the song, Aaron responds he felt it was like his journey on the show.

Simon calls it old-fashioned and boring, some guy loudly boos him.

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