Aaron Kelly tells us he loves photography. His photos are pretty good, actually. They show him backstage last week, he gets all flustered when Simon comes by and tells him good job, just believe in yourself.

Oooh, "My Girl," nice, crackly tone right off the top, he's fun and loose, all in black though for some reason. The whole thing does feel a bit cheesy and old-fashioned, but he seems to be having a good time, throws some soul into it, too.

Randy wasn't sure if he'd like it, but says the first part was brilliant, you can really sing. Ellen like his confidence and movements, a bit forgettable song-wise, though. Kara just says, "I liked it; I really liked it," likes him, his twang.

Simon didn't like it, thinks it was all over the place, you gotta figure out what kind of artist you wanna be, too old-fashioned, says basically to be more like Justin Bieber and be contemporary.

I'm like the judges. In some ways I really liked it, but not crazy about the song choice. Kid's got potential though.

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