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Aaron Kelly's gonna get the teen girl votes on 'American Idol'

Aaron Kelly is next on 'American Idol,' had a rough time growing up, wound up being raised by his aunt and uncle, he's a pretty sweet, grateful kid. Sings, "The Climb," with a ton of feeling; this kid is gonna be a darkhorse, not a huge voice, but he knows who he is.

Randy likes that "you're 16, you're shy, that voice comes out of someone that shy, which is cooler to me, more endearing." He gets through, says, "I might even be a role model someday to kids everywhere." Really nice guy, I like him.

Kimberly Bishop, who says she'd be "into recycling and helping kids in Africa" if she won Idol seems in a daze, doing "I Kissed a Girl," it's just waaay over the top. Simon says he'd have said yes, not sure if he's serious. She says, "may I be excused, or can I sing another song." They laugh at that after she's gone.

Shaddaii Harris who seems just like a good kid, with a dramatic side. Does "I Keep Falling," in a husky voice that's pretty off-key. I thought she'd be good, but unfortunately she isn't. "Baby, you can't sing," says Randy. 

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