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Aaron Kelly sings for his mom and soars 'American Idol'

Aaron Kelly singing "You've Got a Way" on 'American Idol,' it's like Shania Twain's his mom -- she tells him "to feel safe and good." I think this is gonna be good though.

And it is; his pure voice just effortlessly sails out, he's sounding more and more like David Archuleta, sounding that way too. Not as good, but reminds me of Archie. He's really pretty good; sappy as all heck, but sincere and totally at ease. It'd be good if he smiled more, but one of his better performances.

Randy says "really good job," Ellen says "can't get over that you're 16," he corrects her, "17 now," cracks everyone up. She's impressed by his maturity; Kara says "it was like you really felt those words," Aaron says, "I was singing this song to my mom," everyone is like awwwww.

Simon says you've been struggling, but tonight you "did really well." Felt sincere, believable.

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