Aaron Kelly goes country, too, on "American Idol" (?!) with "I'm Already There," not sure about the choice. Hmm, he soars on the chorus, swaying back and forth -- this has turned out to be not bad. He's definitely got this effortless potential, playing to the camera a bit more. In normal shirt and jeans, like he just rolled out of school.

Randy says you got the makings of something great, really good; not sure where it was going at first, but you hit the zone in the middle. Ellen likes how he stands, "like you're 30 years old," good confidence, but the song maybe a bit too big for you, not terrific.

Kara loves how he gives it his all every week, but you don't get that song at 16, "not relevant to your life." Simon says "that's complete and utter rubbish," beautiful song, right type, not a great vocal but there was emotion. He said let's stop telling them they can't do this and that.

Odd for Simon to burst out with that. He's the biggest dictator of what people can and can't sing. I think he really wants to keep Aaron around. 

Kara's right. I felt nothing special listening to Aaron sing. I like him, and think he should stick around, but it was just him singing a song, nothing close to a moment.

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