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Good Afternoon

ABC: 'General Hospital' renewed; hour of "GMA" in afternoon

Ending months of speculation that the last remaining (and still very much beloved) soap on its schedule, "General Hospital," would meet the same fate as two of its (also very much beloved) soaps, "All My Children" and "One Life to Live,"  the network has just now confirmed that it has been renewed for another year.

Word of renewal first circulated in the trades - "Deadline" had the details an hour ago - but ABC has now confirmed.  "General Hospital" stays.

 Also, this: ABC will expand, or "repurpose," an hour of "Good  Morning America" in the afternoon, at 2 p.m. replacing "The Revolution," which has been cancelled; it's called "GMA Plus," which is likely a placeholder until "Katie" arrives. (MSNBC once repurposed "Today" in the afternoon, but it's unclear whether this will be a repeat of the show, or simply a freshened version of the morning show, with new segments, etc.)  

 "GH" - I guess I don't need to tell fans - is one of TV's great soaps and absolutely the muse for so many great primetime soaps, such as "Grey's Anatomy." Fans have angrily and loudly been telling beat reporters (like me) that its death would not only be foolish but some degree of heinous (but by killing "AMC" and "OLTL," ABC proved that it could do "some degree of heinous" with the best of 'em, they have further reminded me.) In other words, this has been a major lightning rod, and the killing of "GH" would have been the final bolt of lightning. 

 ABC did confirm that talk show, "The Revolution," was cancelled. Therein is the answer to the question, "where in the world will 'Katie' air?" That's the new talk show Katie Couric will host this September, and there had been some concern she would be the soap killer. Most TV observers, however, figured ABC was giving "The Chew" (which stays) and "The Revolution" a try-out; whichever got an audience would stay, and the one that did not would go. Does this mean "GMA Plus" is also a placeholder? Probably - but it's worth noting ABC did not say for how long ""GH" had been renewed, and some reports said a year only.

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