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Good Afternoon

ABC: Hasselbeck rumors are baloney

"The View's" Elisabeth Hasselbeck at the Scholastic Parent

"The View's" Elisabeth Hasselbeck at the Scholastic Parent & Child's "Family of the Year" event at Scholastic Flagship Store in Manhattan. (May 25, 2010) Credit: Getty Images

And the rumor mill turns and turns -- a couple of websites are reporting that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is also leaving "The View," but ABC has now released this statement:  

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of “The View” and has a long term contract.

That's what you call a "denial" in the press trade.

What's going on at "The View"? Not sure, but it doesn't appear to necessarily be numbers-related (Joy Behar as you know is leaving, but apparently of her own volition). The ratings also look pretty good from where I sit -- about an average 3.2 million viewers or a hair over was the most recent figure I saw. In other words, Joy's departure may simply be what it appears -- someone wanting to move on because she's bored and has the money to support whatever she wants to do next (or she's getting a job at CNN; take your pick). Sometimes -- admittedly rarely in the TV trade -- a cigar is just a cigar. 

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