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ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas talks about her alcoholism

ABC News reported that their anchor Elizabeth Vargas

ABC News reported that their anchor Elizabeth Vargas was undergoing treatment for alcoholism in November 2013. She completed treatment and in 2014, after her second rehab admission, she described herself as an alcoholic. Credit: AP

Elizabeth Vargas spoke in a taped segment with George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday morning's "Good Morning America."  It's quite good and worth watching, although I'm sure a few viewers gulped hard, looked in the mirror and said to themselves afterward..."Um, what about me?"

 Vargas deserves a lot of credit for doing this -- it took guts, and is obviously an embarrassing subject. She gets remarkably confessional and even offers a general solution for those looking to break the habit. 

 What's missing are perhaps a few essential details: Exactly how much and how often. (She says on some occasion "up to four glasses" of wine.) Plus, did she actually become drunk, and what sort of behavioral changes ensued?  

 Also, most people can't afford rehab -- solutions for them? And this: The media is constantly telling viewers about the "health benefits" of wine --  the message, in other words, remains very much mixed. 

  Nevertheless, good for Vargas.


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