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ABC's Jacqueline Kennedy tapes: Postgame gripe

Yes, ABC News scored quite the coup last night with "Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words" -- nearly an eight rating in New York alone and a vast trove of media coverage in days leading up to this.

Overall, I thought it was quite well-done, but as usual have but one quibble: Why couldn't ABC News have established its business ties with this venture? Just one little "Oh, by the way . . ." by Diane Sawyer. One quick on-screen blurb saying what was going on; anything so that viewers -- no doubt many in the audience who remain resolutely skeptical of the Kennedy legacy and of Jackie -- would have no question about intent of the network.

The tie: Hyperion is publishing the audio book, and Hyperion is owned by Disney.

There: How hard was that?

Jackie wouldn't have minded. I can't imagine Caroline Kennedy would put up a fuss. Why just not get it out there, so that viewers clearly and completely understand that there is a motivation here above and beyond the purveyance of exclusive information? Namely, the selling of books to further enrich the parent corporation.

Beyond that, as mentioned, it was all good. Particularly well-produced, and I thought Sawyer did a terrific job.


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