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Adam Brock thinks he's Aretha Franklin, Deandre Brackensick goes falsetto on 'American Idol'

Adam Brock choosing to sing Aretha Franklin's "Think" next on "American Idol," after telling us he's been told there's a "large black woman trapped inside" of him.

If you're going say something like that you need to back it up with some serious vocals; his are okay -- this is such a hard song to put your own stamp on. Starts out mediocore, improves by the end; has an interesting tone and seems comfortable out there, but just never wows me.

"Setting the bar high," says Stephen Tyler, calling it "brilliant." Jennifer Lopez liked the big finish, Randy Jackson liked that he's calling himself "white chocolate." 

Deandre Brackensick next, doing Earth, Wind & Fire's "Reason." Another odd choice; his falsetto is a bit unsteady, never lets us get into the song. Some really nice moments, but then in between it's just awkward, can't really understand the lyrics, either.

Audience is going crazy, Tyler says "good for you, picked a song that showed off your voice,"  Lopez echoes him -- "your voice is so perfect for me."  Jackson calls him "one of the most commercial guys that I've seen... the voice is so different."

Yeah, he has potential; just didn't think this was a great performance. Where's Simon Cowell when you need him?!


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