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Good Evening

Adam Sanders leaves 'American Idol' judges standing, Sanni M'Mairura leaves them smiling

Sanni M'Mairura next up on "American Idol," he's got a huge smile and right off seems like he could be special. His mom's from Tanzania, his dad's from Kenya; as Ryan Seacrest says to his family, "he has an incredible presence." 

Singing Michael Jackon's "Who's Loving You," got all the judges smiling big. "Your runs were pretty and all your riffs ended right," says Nicki Minaj. "You weren't trying to sound just like Michael -- you're fresh," says Randy Jackson.

Keith Urban loved his runs too, and also his "balance of confidence and humility." Through easily; keep an eye on him, good chance to be there at the end.

Adam Sanders closes out San Antonio, doing Etta James' "Rather Go Blind." Not sure what to make of him -- looks a bit goofy and odd; but starts big and doesn't quit, the judges are in shock with their mouths open, he doesn't look like he should be able to sing like this!

Everyone stands but Minaj, who hasn't stood once during auditions. "You shocked all of us," says Jackson. They're all in disbelief, but happy; he gets through easily. 

Yup, this is why we watch the show. So far, this is the audition everyone's going to be talking about tomorrow.

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