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Adios to Karen Rodriguez on 'American Idol'

Karen Rodriguez of New York performs "Love Will

Karen Rodriguez of New York performs "Love Will Lead You Back," a hit by Long Island native Taylor Dayne, on Wednesday night's "American Idol." Credit: Fox

Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart or Karen Rodriguez is about to get kicked off "American Idol." There's no way the judges will use their save tonight. My money's on Naima, but who knows.

And it's Naima going back to the couch first, she's safe. Probably most deserving of the three to stick around.

Hmmm, and it's Karen Rodriguez singing for her life, doing "Hero." It's not bad; has passion, but ultimately it's nothing special and she's a bit flat. 

Interesting that of the four finalists who have been in the bottom three so far this season, all have been women. The guys are definitely stronger this season; but given that the last few champs have all been guys, it really is the teenybopper girls whose voting controls this show.

She's pleading to stay on the show. I like her, and her mom, but she just isn't good enough for this year.

Non-unanimous vote says Randy Jackson, which right away tells us she's gone, they have to all vote for someone to stay.

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