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Good Afternoon

Al Roker shares good news about prostate cancer surgery

"Today" co-anchor Al Roker says he feels better

"Today" co-anchor Al Roker says he feels better after his Nov. 9 cancer procedure. His surgeon, Dr. Vincent Laudone, has also announced that Roker, 66, has "an excellent prognosis." Credit: Getty Images / Rachel Luna

"Today" co-anchor and weather forecaster Al Roker made an upbeat visit to the morning show Tuesday, assuring viewers and his colleagues via remote video that he's "doing great" after surgery for prostate cancer Nov. 9.

The Queens-born Roker, 66, said, "I feel good. … The technology has gotten so good — they did it with a robot — that I felt much better after the surgery than I did with any of my joint replacements." His surgeon, Dr. Vincent Laudone, also appeared remotely to say the surgery "went well" and that Roker has "an excellent prognosis."

Roker said that when first hearing that news, "It was this great relief. I mean, look, we're not out of the woods … but for a first start, this is terrific news. I'm going to be up for — as a lot of people who live with cancer [are] — up for lifelong testing to make sure this doesn't come back." Roker plans to be back in the studio Monday. "It was great to be able to share some #GoodNews this morning on @TODAYshow about my #prostatecancer battle," he tweeted after the segment.

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