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Alec Baldwin, on ‘SNL,’ ‘Will and Grace’ and ‘30 Rock,’ has live TV experience

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in a sketch

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump in a sketch on "Saturday Night Live" in January. Credit: NBC / Will Heath

NBC’s live presentation of “A Few Good Men” seems to hinge on one really good man.

Last week the network announced that Alec Baldwin would portray Col. Jessep, the role played by Jack Nicholson in the 1992 film, for its production to air next year. It probably doesn’t hurt that the Massapequa native is no stranger to live TV, as evidenced by these programs.

WILL AND GRACE In the Sept. 29, 2005, live episode “Alive and Schticking,” Baldwin guest-starred as Will’s former boss, Malcolm, a secret agent who falls for Karen (Megan Mullally). The performance earned Baldwin an Emmy nomination.

30 ROCK The series, in which Baldwin played Jack Donaghy, producer of an “SNL”-inspired comedy show, aired live episodes on Oct. 14, 2010, and April 26, 2012. The former centered on Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) turning 40, while the second — which featured Baldwin’s impression of Richard Nixon — revolved around Donaghy’s decision to cease live broadcasts of his show.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Live from New York, Baldwin has hosted the sketch comedy show a record 17 times. Even better, his impersonation of Donald Trump was a comic highlight last season that also gave the series its highest ratings in years and earned Baldwin an Emmy nomination.

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