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Alex Lambert conquers the nerves, may be next superstar on 'American Idol'

Alex Lambert gets sold out by Ryan, who tells all of us he's nervous and suffering from stage fright on "American Idol." He says he created his own language in sixth grade. He has a gentleness and niceness that I like, sings a bit of his made-up language, sounds Spanishy.

Is really honest, says he was "terrified" last week, tried too hard to be likeable. Wow. I've never heard any contestant reveal all this. Singing "Everybody Knows."

With his guitar, in a houndstooth sport coat and stool. Man, I really like this; raw tone, breaking voice, nice pure vocals. You can't help but root for him. He has a really interesting texture to his voice, totally looking forward to seeing more of him, nice falsetto at the end, too.

Randy's chuckling, "you know what I loved about your package? I have my own language, too." Liked his uniqueness, really enjoyed it, "way legit." Ellen says the unripe banana was put in a paper bag, so much better than last week, says he has the most style of anyone.

Kara says everyone's rooting for him, "you have an incredible, recordable voice," looking forward to him learning and growing. Simon calls it "a million times better," tells him "the only time you should be nervous is if you're useless -- and you're not." Tells him to find a killer instinct, go for the win.

Yeah, Alex is gonna go big with the votes this week, America loves an underdog who beats his fear. He could become this seaon's unexpected superstar.

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