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Ali Shields raps in 'crazy' audition, Kyle Cortez 'nothing like he looks' on 'American Idol'

Ali Shields is next on "American Idol,". She busts out rapping. Then knocks Corinne Bailey Rae’s "Just Like a Star" out of the park -- she's pretty good, even if, as Randy Jackson said, it was a "crazy" audition. She's got a fun personality, totally not shy; could be annoying, or must-watch TV.

They're on day two of San Diego already. Curly-haired frat boy Kyle Cruz kicks it off. He likes singing for pretty women, he says. He hasn't even sung yet and I find him annoying, arrogant and unaware.

He's doing "Angel of Mine,". He's got a pretty good and textured voice. He's got an unusual tone and I like it. He even seems sincere. And he seems shocked when the judges tell him how good he is, Steven Tyler says "you sing nothing like you look." They tell him to work on his look. Yeah, I can definitely see him in top 12.

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