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Alyson Jados meets true love Steven Tyler on 'American Idol'

Oblivious and loud Megan Frazier is next on "American Idol." She's some sort of Green Bay Packers fan. Warbles "Baby" by Justin Bieber. She's horrible (and unbelievably loud).

She has a big smile and all but is oddly aggressive in her badness. She seemed to know she was bad afterward. I really dislike people who treat this as a big joke.

Alyson Jados, by contrast, lives and dies by her music and is a huge Steven Tyler fan. She can't keep laughing she's so nervous in front of him.

He says, "tell me a little bit about yourself." She says, "I love you," and he comes out to give her a big hug. It's really funny, actually. Does "Come Together," in a total Janis Joplin voice and it's really great, actually.

Just fun to listen to, but Tyler says she's really pitchy, "and that kind of scares me." Jennifer Lopez thinks she comes alive on stage, "great performance quality." Randy Jackson says no, of course Tyler puts her through.

Totally manufactured moment, but it's still really cool and she's crying afterward.

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