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'Idol' adopts Amadeo DiRicco, Simon's 'favorite audition of the day'

"American Idol" hopeful Vanessa Currier, 22, of Newton, N.H., frames her face with a mock television cut-out as she waits to audition in Foxborough, Mass., June 14. Photo Credit: AP Photo

Mr. Italian Amadeo DiRicco, who's jolly and tight with his family. They show them cooking and eating together -- man, how are they not on Food Network already?! I like him; hope he can sing (think he can).

"We like you," Simon says even before he starts "Hootchie Kootchie Man." Ha, it's animated and fun; he has a powerful, passionate voice. Victoria likes his voice and says he seems really nice; Amadeo respects Simon for being real. Kara feels like she's home with her cousin. Simon says he's his "favorite audition of the day."

They all play up how they feel like he's familiy, he's obviously being set up by the producers for a long run, like all the guys in the family seem to be there, yelling and going nuts. "Testosterone level may be a little much at this point," says Ryan.

Derek Hilton, who's like a hippie caricature is next, goes on "nature walks" (set to a Taiwanese folk song rip-off, "Return to Innocence"). He sings super-nasally and is bad, of course, with a bunch of schitzo voices.

"That was catchy" quips Simon when he's done. "Complete and utter rubbish" he adds. They do a montage of others who failed, purposefully melodramatic.

Are you on the Amadeo DiRicco bandwagon? What do you think Simon's all-time best quip was? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post and tell us.

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