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Amanda Shectman takes time from Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol'

Amanda Shectman came out of the Boston auditions on 'American Idol,' she acts like a clown for Ryan but she does a good job on "Good Morning Heartache," is told she needs to connect with the audience and not just be so theater-y. Eh, I don't know, she seemed fine to me.

Victoria Beckham takes a chance on her, Kara too, Simon mocks her overly-dramatic actions but puts her through too, even as Victoria says, "it's good to be dramatic -- I'm dramatic too." Yeah, she's acting like a guest judge.

Amanda seems a bit too much afterwards, Idol producers don't help with the music and everything in slow-mo.

Lee Dewyze does a sweet "Ain't No Sunshine," soulful and gravely; Crystal Bowersox nails "Piece of My Heart," she's only on screen for a few seconds but there's something about her I think I really like.

More Lee and Crystal, less slo-mo Amanda!

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