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'Amazing' Candice Glover impresses, Kree Harrison overthinks on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover next on "American Idol" as the finalists do their second song, which has to be a classic. Singing "You've Changed" -- she's good, but the song itself doesn't do a whole lot for me. No emotional connection; I wind up tuning it out a bit. 

Randy Jackson called it "amazing," loved her vocal perfection. Mariah Carey says, "the only critique is I'm going to download that asap, please follow suit."

Keith Urban says, "I loved watching Mariah watch you," praises her "power and control." A beaming Nicki Minaj just says, "I'm not going to add anything else -- Ryan, come on out."

Which indeed is followed by Ryan Seacrest coming on stage and giving us the standard spiel about what numbers to call to vote for Glover.

Kree Harrison closes the night with "Stormy Weather." I wanted this to be a moment, but it was simply boring to me. She swallowed some words, seemed to be trying too hard to create drama.

Carey wanted to see it more bluesy; Urban told her not to overthink and just sing. Minaj likewise told her not to worry so much about what people are saying, do your own version.

Jackson told her to "stick to who you are," instead of doing what guest mentor Harry Connick, Jr. or others might want.

Connick then gets to come up on stage and argue a bit with Jackson; it's all in good fun.

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