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Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover in bottom 2 but everyone safe on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" contestant Candice Glover performs a jazz-infused version of Drake's "Find Your Love." (April 24, 2013) Credit: Fox

"American Idol" is about to cut to its top three — or maybe not, with the show promising a "surprise twist" tonight.

Lee Dewyze, who won season nine and has been one of the least notable champs, singing "Silver Lining." He's still got that great tone; not sure he'd have even made the top five this year though.

They then review Angie Miller's performance from last night, after earlier going through everyone else. She was fantastic; definitely just needs to stay behind the piano.

Now they have Miller stand at one end of the stage, with Amber Holcomb at the other. Kree Harrison joins Miller, with Candice Glover joining Holcomb. Oh-oh — I think that means Glover and Holcomb (unjustly) are the bottom two, because Miller's been consistently very popular. Should be Glover and Harrison based on actual performances, but we will see .?.?.

And indeed, Glover and Holcomb are the bottom two. But then, Ryan Seacrest announces nobody is leaving tonight, everyone will stay for another week. Which is good — because nobody got saved this season, they had an extra week to play with.

This week's votes will carry over to next week, though; so chances are either Glover or Holcomb will be leaving us next week .?.?.

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