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Amber Holcomb dominates in catsuit, Angela Miller 'old-fashioned' on 'American Idol'

Angela Miller up first as the six remaining "American Idol" finalists do a song by Burt Bacharach and then a song they wish they had written.

Not sure why the Fox producers keep forcing these dated themes on everyone -- I doubt any of the finalists knew who Bacharach was before this week. Miller does "Anyone Who Had a Heart" -- it's forgettable, mainly because the song itself is.

Nice vocals, but boring; and a sound straight out of the '70s, which would be fantastic if we were still selling LPs.

Keith Urban says he was waiting for "the passion" during the performance. Nicki Minaj agrees that even though her voice is always great, she didn't feel the passion and calls it "old-fashioned."

Randy Jackson wants her to pretend it's a song she wrote, Mariah Carey tells Miller her pronunciation is "so perfect" that maybe that gets in the way of the passion.

Amber Holcomb next, doing "I Say A Little Prayer" -- and she's fantastic from the get-go. Just glides out, voice lifting over the audience; not oversung; has somehow found the perfect touch. Am surprisingly enjoying it; now that's how you make a song from 46 years ago sound great. Great song choice, total confidence, strong vocals.

"Oh my gosh," gushes Nicki Minaj, "I am bowing down for you!" Tells her, "you have just become my favorite girl in this competition." She nails it exactly -- "I was smiling the whole time and didn't know why!"

Jackson "loved the whole 70s catsuit, the song, the confidence." Carey babbles about how much she liked it, finishes with, "top of the world -- yay." Urban points out how she "never overperforms," compares her performance to "a summer breeze."

One of my favorite performances of the year, and absolutely unexpected. 

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