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Amber Holcomb has 'inner glow' on, Candice Glover gets judges 'grooving' on 'American Idol'

Amber Holcomb singing "MacArthur Park" next as "American Idol" does one-hit wonders, a theme chosen by audience vote. The song itself isn't that great; Holcomb performs it well, gives it a sense of fun and carries us along with her strong vocals. But only so much she can do with it.

Gets all the judges but Nicki Minaj to stand, though. "The sun has come out, you're dominating tonight," says Keith Urban, finishing with "that was an incredible performance, baby." Minaj liked her, says, "out of the four girls, you're the one I'd like to get to know."

Randy Jackson says "your hitting those crystal-clear high notes at the top of your range is crazy." Mariah Carey says she has an "inner glow." Totally agree; Holcomb's been in the zone for weeks, it doesn't all quite make sense but we're enjoying the ride.

Candice Glover doing "Emotion," which I don't really remember. Not crazy about the choice; song is slow, doesn't build to anything and even though her vocals are strong as always, I feel like I'm listening to a record. 

Minaj says she was "grooving" to it, didn't feel like it was dated. Jackson starts with, "yes, yes, yes," felt like she was "settling back in now." Carey praises the way she's sung strongly from Day One, even though she apparently has a cold. Urban enjoyed it but wanted to hear something more current or surprising, calls it simply "breezy, lovely, nice."

There's a funny interlude where they drag Jimmy Iovine onstage and -- because the judges have been disagreeing with his backstage comments all night -- Minaj and Jackson go up and pretend to choke him. There's good chemistry there.

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