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Amber Holcomb makes 'American Idol' crowd roar, Candice Glover a pro as usual

The "American Idol" fantastic final four -- Angie Miller, Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover -- are set to perform a song of their choice and then a song based on a fan-chosen theme tonight (the buzz is it's one-hit wonders.)

It's easily the best final four ever; really looking forward to the night, everyone fully deserves to be here and there are no weak links.

Holcomb is up first, doing Celine Dione's "I'm Your Lady."  Wow -- starts a capella; slow, powerful, totally entralling. It's amazing. Audience literally roars as she hits the chorus for the first time.

She's so confident and in command; judges give her a standing ovation. It's one of the best performances of the season, easily.

Keith Urban calls it an "amazingly perfect" song choice, with Nicki Minaj saying "that song was made for you" and "it's like we're at your show, you don't even feel like a contestant anymore." 

Randy Jackson calls her the contestant with 'the most growth throughout the contest," which is exactly right. Then gushes about how spot-on her vocals were. Carey likes how she made a classic song current.

Glover next, doing Drake's "Find Your Love." Just her and a piano, smartly showing off her pure vocal skills. Not crazy about the song itself so there's no emotional connection for me, but a well-done performance.

Minaj says your voice is "amazing" but wished she'd been more true to the melody; doesn't want her to get pigeon-holed as an "old-fashioned artist" and wants her to think more about what her commercial angle will be. Good critique; Jackson agrees and tells her don't go all-out vocally on everything, don't always "make it sound like you're in church."

Carey rambles, says a lot of words but essentially thinks she should do whatever she wants. Urban says he thinks she's "finding herself" as the weeks go by.

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