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Amber Holcomb 'striking,' broken toe can't stop Candice Glover on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover up next on "American Idol," doing the Rolling Stones' "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." Tells us during the video introduction that she broke her toe playing an April Fool's joke on Lazaro Arbos that involved trying to trick him into thinking the house was on fire.

See, that's the kind of stuff they should show -- wire the house with cameras, let us see more of their personality!

She owns the stage; belts out the lyrics, struts confidently around. Huge voice, absolute confidence -- the essence of rock, really. First time all night we've seen over-the-top energy. Don't love it because I don't love the song, but fabulous performance as always from Glover.

Mariah Carey calls her performance "mesmerizing," Keith Urban loved it, Nicki Minaj praises her vocals but thought it was boring, with Randy Jackson getting excited over her "rock attitude, like in a Tina Turner kind of way."

Amber Holcomb next, doing Heart's "What About Love." We could have a moment here tonight; great song choice. Starts off slow and dramatic, utterly confident walking out amid the fog.

Man, what a fantastic voice; hard song to do and she's effortlessly shredding it. Just looks like a rock star too; doesn't feel like she's auditioning, it's like something you'd pay money to see. Standing ovation from the judges.

"Great, great song choice, great shoes," says Urban, referring to her studded boots. Minaj says it "pulled me in emotionally," calls it "striking," which is absolutely the perfect word. "You believed what you were singing," says Minaj.

"You look amazing, you sound amazing," says Jackson, who also praises her "Whitney Houstonisms," the little vocal inflections she's able to pull off. Carey tells her "you look beautiful," and loves how she's grown from the auditions to today, which is spot on.

Holcomb's rapidly becoming my favorite; love how we've been able to watch her turn into a star.

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